Barbara Forbes

The article and photo came from a 1990 newspaper when this Club through the
drive and organisational skills of Don Bowden, constructed a rally to Sydney and back; The 1990
Overland Re enactment Tour.

Barbara Forbes, pictured on her bike, sad to say, passed away last July 2009. She was a bright and
chirpy lady who organised the meeting night rabble for many years. With her husband John,
through the 80s and 90s, they were active participants in Club events on a Triumph outfit and were
always bright and cheerful company. As Barbara’s health deteriorated, bikes made way for cars,
firstly a Singer then a Ford A and the A Model Club.

With sympathy to John


MOTORCYCLE mama Barbara Forbes knows little about the mechanics of her restored vintage
bike — but she’s one of the boys when it comes to cruising.
Respect from fellow bikers, and her passion for anything off-beat and ad venturous, has led the 60-
year-old woman to join her husband and other members of the Vintage Motor Cycle Club of WA on
what promises to be a memorable but arduous trip across the nation in September.
Mrs Forbes will join about 25 other club members with their lovingly restored pre-1954 machines to
re-enact a historic nine-week motorcycle odyssey embarked on by the WA Harley Davidson Club
in 1926.

They will brave the harsh outback to retrace the original route from Perth to Sydney and back,
putting machine and stamina to the test.

Though Mrs Forbes Is excited at the prospect of jumping astride her 1925 AJS for the epic tour,
she said the thought was still daunting.

“The closer the tour gets the more frightening it becomes,” she said. “But I think it will be a great
experience, one John and I will certainly never have again.“I think my old bottom might scream a
bit at first.”

The avid biker, who has been riding motorcycles for six years, said she became interested in the
hobby be cause: “If you can’t beat them, join them.”

It was a growing dislike of sitting in the car while her husband had fun at motorbike rallies that
made her interest blossom. She began as a pillion passenger, graduated to a small bike, gained
her motorcycle licence and zoomed off from there.

The Vintage Motor Cycle Club will leave Perth on a 300km trial-run on July 15 that will include York
and Waroona.





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