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The Vintage Motorcycle Club of WA Inc., by way of its qualifying rule of bikes being more than 25-years old, has attracted a very wide variety of motorcycles to the club.  Members bikes vary from almost the very conception of the motorcycle, right up to bikes from the 80s. The following galleries feature club bikes but also bikes we have seen on our travels.

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Pic by Murray Barnard

1980 Bike Show

1980s Bike Show

Bike Gallery

Cannington Swap Meet 2003

Inspection Day 2004

Pic by Murray Barnard

Inspection Day Feb 2006

Italian machines at the Perth Moto Ovest 2006

Cannington Swap meet 30 Sep 2006

A Veteran P&M

Inspection Day Feb 2007

 Inspection Day Feb 2008

Lindsay Cooke
Pic by Murray Barnard

Bells Rapids August 2008

Perth Motorcycle Show 2009

John Wightman Gallery

Classic Racing at Pukehoke NZ

70's photos

Moto Guzzi Daytona

Black Duck Rally

Bike videos

Inspection Day 2010
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Entrevaux Motorcycle Museum France
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Durban to Johannesburg Rally  South Africa 2011

55th Anniversary Rally South Australia - Martindale Hall

WA Vintage Motorcycle Club Inspection Day 2011

Swap Meet March 2011

Club Characters

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History of the Busselton 2 Day Run

Boxing Day Breakfast - December 2003

175 years since the first European settlement in 1829

Jurien Bay Weekend - November 2003

2 Dogs Run - January 2004 (It was a hot one!)

Geraldton Run - August 2005

Busselton 2 Day Run 2006

Indian Harley Club Two Day Run - Bunbury 2006

Economy Run - Gingin - 21 May 2006

Foundation Day 2006 - Pre 31 Run

Beecroft Farm Ride, Brookton - 9 July 2006

Bells Rapids Ride - 13 Aug 2006

Jurien Bay Run and Vincent Exhibit : 21-22 June 2006

Northern Hills Ride - 29 June 2006

Chittering Run - 20 Aug 2006

Boxing Day Run to Mundaring 2006

Mt Helena Run - 10 August 2008 - Pt 1

Mt Helena Run - Pt 2


Whiteman's Park

Tasmania Tour 2010

Toodyay April 2010

England Tour 2010

Economy Run May 2010

Bells rapids 2010

Beverley Re-enactment 2010

Beverley Show August 2010  (pdf file - will take time downloading)

Norton run to Dwellingup, 26 September 2010

Jarrahdale Log Chop 3 October 2010 (pdf file)

Collie Sidecar Run - 23/24 October 2010 (pdf file)

Peter Groucott Memorial Ride 2010 (Part 1)

Peter Grocoutt memorial Ride 2010 (Part 2)

Albany Hill Climb 2010

Mandurah Toy Run 2010

Denmark Economy Run - 9 Jan 2011

Big Bike Run 27 Feb 11

Grumpy's Ride 3 April 2011

Grumpy's Run Pt 2  2 April 2011

Arthur Grady Run

Bailup Ford Museum

Club Presentation Day June 2011

Rocky Horror Show - July 2011

Bill's Girder Fork Run 2011

Midland railway Workshops July 2011

Jurien Bay 2011

Beverley Show 2011

Gin Gin 2011

Busselton 2012

Arthur Grady Display June 2012

Arthur Grady Display - June 2012 - more pics

Roaring Twenties - Pre 31 Run - May 2012



Pic by Murray Barnard


Club meeting nights

1978 Moto Guzzi le Mans

AJS 350 16M

1937 600cc Panther

Suzuki T500


Douglas Dragonfly

BSA 500 Sloper

Pic by Murray Barnard

Lineup at Albany

Pic by Murray Barnard


Pic by Murray Barnard

1928 Indian

Pic by Murray Barnard



John Rock and the ISDT  in 1957

The ultimate barn find

Ken's 1951 Trip across the Nullarbor Plain

Ken's close encounter with Officer Plod!

Funny Stories

The Overlanders of 1926 - Across Australia by Harley

Some OHV Indians

The Rollie Free Story

Tasmania Tour 2010

Lake Perkolilli Racing 1938

Jim Clark Reminisces

“Lawrence of Arabia” and the Modern Helmet

Pic by Murray Barnard

V.M.C.C Southern Region Black Dog Trial

UK Trip 2010

Terry McKie Reminisces

TT races 1958

Aubrey Melrose at the 1927 TT Races

Max Madill profile

Profile - John Rock

The Degree Tree

The Saga of Speedy Green

Profile - George Kevin Kerr

More Charlie Lawson stories

The Older I GetThe Faster I Went - 1960 Manx GP



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Gary Tenardi - Profile

PART OF MY LIFE by Bill Young

Jim Forster declares war on foxes

Kevin Cass retraces Arthur Grady's circumnavigation of Australia

Barbara Forbes

That Man Duke is A Wizard

Ron Chave Profile

I was talking to Ted Scott in Albany when he told me this bit of W.A. motorcycling history:
“George Best! He’s a tough old bugger. In 1938 he hung a water bag on his handle bars – shoved a loaf of bread down his overcoat, then rode his Ariel (1934 TT Winner on the North Beach Circuit) over to Nurioopta in South Australia. We had gone on by boat taking George’s 1935 Manx Norton with us. From memory George had to finish taking his crop off. George arrived just as practice was about to start. His face was burnt black from his ride across the Nullarbor. He ‘tickled’ the carb on the Manx, gave it a bump start and away he went. In the race all fell at some stage or blew up – George ran 4th”.

Two months later on the “Best Farm” at Koorda I was talking to George –
“Ted Scott tells me you rode your Ariel to S.A. to the Australian Championships?” George replied “That’s right. I still had over 1000 acres of crop to take off., so I sent my bike with them on the boat. The minute the last ton of wheat was off I got going. I did take a water bag (a disaster!). Reg Gurney at Balladonia sold me a six pint billycan which I hung around my neck on a strap. The bitumen cut out at Merredin and the gravel was rough to terrible. I had three punctures and a couple of ‘get offs’. One ‘get off’ bent the footrest into the clutch. So I made a primitive forge using snake wood, a tube spanner and a syphon hose to get enough heat to bend it straight. I averaged about 500 miles (800km) a day. Coming home was quicker - I made up over half a day. The old Ariel never missed a beat. Allan Tomlinson won the Aust. Car TT for W.A. in an O.H.C. MG, it was timed at 90 mph., Clem Dwyer was his mechanic”.

NOTE - All this took place over 60 years ago. At that time George on his farm had a 500cc long stroke Manx, a 350cc short stroke Manx, a Mark 7 KTT Velocette and a Cooper 1000cc Jap alloy race car. The round trip was a long 300miles.

Sep 1925

(The Motor Cycle Nov 1934, via Charlie Lawson)
Motor cycle racing in the Antipodes received a distinct fillip recently, for as a result of great efforts on the part of the WA Motor Cycling association, the first W.A T.T. was held.

The race was over the North Beach circuit near Perth, the course roughly rectangular in shape, picturesquely situated overlooking the Indian Ocean, with just over two miles per lap for the twenty laps race. In spite of the small circuit there were many difficult corners, with most of the roads in very poor condition.

Eighteen riders came to the line, and from a spectacular mass start the race resolved into a great duel between Berryman (Ariel) and Wilkinson (Harley Davidson). Best the ultimate winner, (Ariel Red Hunter) lost time after a slight collision at the first corner, and at the end of the first lap was last.

Wilkinson took the lead, and hard on the heels of Berryman came Teske (Harley Davidson). Meanwhile Best riding as one possessed, meteorically tore his way through the field. Hot favourite Charman (BSA) coasted in and retired, as did Schiller (Indian). Clementson (Velocette) pulled into his pit, adjusted his clutch and departed at speed. Arthur (AJS) skidded and crashed almost in front of the judge’s box with minor injuries, while Reid (FN) broke down at the back of the course and did not make a further appearance.

The Harleys then lying first and second lapping together, with Berryman lapping consistently, but Best eventually caught up and passed him by lap ten leaving only the Harleys to challenge the Ariel.

Wilkinson on his fourteenth lap had Best on his tail, looking like justifying his name, Berryman again moving to third afterTeske had skidded on a bend on the ocean promenade and fallen, uninjured but had retired.

Now only yards separated the leaders as with a lap to go and Wilkinson leading by a length, they passed the official stand and rocketed towards the rising right hand bend when tragedy struck.

Best with tyres screaming laid over for the corner, broadsided violently and got away, but Wilkinson without attempting to slow for the corner, sailed straight on down the slip road, having mistaken the “last lap flag”, wretched luck after a splendidly ridden race.
Quickly told of his mistake he furiously set off again, to cover that all important lap, but he had let Berryman through too, and eventually finished third.

Soon Best appeared in the distance and in a mighty crescendo of sound he dived down to the finishing line arriving fifty eight seconds ahead of Berryman, and almost three and a half minutes of the unlucky Wilkinson. A surprise result, if ever there was one but nevertheless a very well deserved and popular victory for George Best and his machine.

In a handicap event run concurrently with the main race, Best and Berryman were first and second again respectively, with L Whelan (AJS) third.

Winners equipment included KLG plugs, Lucas magneto, Amal carby., Lycett saddle, Goodyear tyres, Shell fuel and Castrol oil.




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