Arthur Grady Run

Arthur Grady arrives back in Perth

The VMCCWA met in Fremantle Saturday June 4 2011, to commemorate the journey accomplished by famous son of Fremantle, Arthur Grady in 1924, when he circumnavigated Australia, on a fore and aft, horizontally opposed twin, Granville Bradshaw designed Douglas. Note the billy hanging off the back of the waterbottle. As we know, Australian stockmen made tea in tin cans, and learnt how to swing them, so as to centrifuge the tealeaves to the bottom of the can.
5 months later, to rapturous applause, Arthur Grady returned to Fremantle, in early 1925, after one of the most epic journeys in motorcycling history. Also pictured, are an Ariel sidecar, and a 1924 AJS which actually performed a re-enactment in 1994, the AJS was ridden by a lady rider. The 1925 Douglas shown is a replica of the Grady machine, carefully rebuilt by George Stephenson, after lengthy research into the Grady Run. The event was organised through Alex Marshal,  VMCCWA member.
44 bikes, many vintage and post vintage, to pay homage and to perform a celebratory lap around Fremantle, after being started off by Fremantle mayor, Mr Brad Petitt.
Besides, when do you ever get two prewar DKWs together for the same shot?
John Wightman

As reported in the last Chatter and described by Alex (when he finally got the dates right) at our last meeting this run will take place on Saturday 4 June as part of the City  Fremantle’s annual Heritage Festival.


The event will consist of a short run and a static display outside the Fremantle Town Hall where Arthur Grady started his epic journey back in 1924. He returned triumphant some five and half months latter to a rousing welcome from the good folk of Freo.


So 85 years later we are calling on all members to gather at the Fremantle Town Hall 12 noon Saturday 4 June to commemorate Arthur’s achievements. The event is open to all pre war bikes (that’s WW2) of course we won’t chase off any supporters who may turn up on newer machinery to enjoy the day.


And just to make it all a little more fun the Mayor of Fremantle Dr Brad Pettitt will address the members and the City of Fremantle will provide a sausage sizzle and cool drink for all participants.


So get out in the shed get tinkering and polishing and lets show the good people of Fremantle some fine living West Australian motorcycling Heritage!


Arthur Grady Ride and Display Fremantle Heritage Festival Saturday 4 June

The Arthur Grady Ride and Display will take place on Saturday 4 June 2011.

The order of the Day will be:

·        Assemble Kings Square( also known as St John’s Square) Fremantle from 0900 -1000

·        Ride around Fremantle 1030 – 1100

·        Static Display 1100 – 1400

·        BBQ Lunch from 1130

·        Depart Kings Square 1400


There will be two meeting spots:


 Kings Square Fremantle  enter Square from intersection of High Street and Queen Street Fremantle  From 0900


Meet at the Hilton Park Bowling Club Sheppard Street Hilton (nearest main intersection Lefroy St and Carrington St)  from 0900

Those wishing to trailer their bikes most of the way, but don’t mind a short ride to the square can park trailers at the Hilton Park Bowling club, then ride down in a group at  0930.

Any one bringing bikes on trailers, in vans or utes that will not be ridden on the day will need to notify Barry O’Byrne on  0418 936 254 for drop off and parking instructions.

The main Ride will commence at 1030 from the Fremantle Town Hall (kings Square) where members will be seen off by the Mayor Fremantle Brad Pettitt.

Dave Weeks is preparing a route sheet for a short ride from the town Hall down to South Beach, returning via the Cappuccino strip for BBQ lunch in the square supplied by the City of Fremantle.

The ride is open to all pre War bikes. However we welcome all bikes for the display in the square. There will be a section for Pre War near the town Hall, a section for post war bikes up to 1986 then a section for all other bikes. The City of Fremantle will supply two security guards on the day.

Any Further queries please contact:

Barry O’Byrne - 0418 936 254 / Alex Marshall  9432 9716 or 0405 307 126

or email [email protected] or if you are brave check out Fremantle Heritage Festival on Facebook at


On the subject of this run Thursday 7 April saw  a bunch of members from the pre 31 section came down to Freo with there machines to do a photo shoot, eat a few party pies and promote the run. If the interest roused on the day was anything to go by Saturday 4 June will be a great day.


Here are a couple of photos of the afternoon:

Bill Cowlin  pretending to be Arthur Grady aboard George Stevensons Dougy


 The assembled members await their Cully’s Pies and Sausage rolls


Mayor of Fremantle Dr Brad Pettitt gives Kevin’s Hederson a run

 and Kevin will be interviewed for Caporn Young Magazine – which is delivered directly into over 25,000 Western Suburbs Homes. So if any members live out that way look out for Kevin in your mail box!


See also Kevin Cass reenactment here